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Click to view:  Vol.17, No.8 November / December 2020
Vol.17, No.8  8.97 MB

ON THE COVER: The hallmark of Paprica, the new 1741 collection by Marca Corona, are the contemporary colors and creative patterns that turn ceramics into a design element with a surprising look. These 25- x 21.6-cm hexagonal porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles come in two colors -- three elegant, neutral grays and three eccentric shades of red, blue and mustard -- selected to bring a brighter, bubblier touch to interiors. Style research has focused on geometries and stylized graphics, giving rise to four original single-subject motifs and an innovative mix of decor elements. Both decorative solutions are available both in the sophisticated black and white version and an eye-catching colored version.

Click to view:  Vol.17, No.7 October 2020
Vol.17, No.7  6.90 MB

ON THE COVER: Brooklyn-based interior designer-turned-tile artist, Allison Eden of Allison Eden Studios, recently created a larger-than-life high heel display for Bloomingdale's in New York, NY. The shoe, which stands 6-feet-high and stretches 11-feet-long, is the centerpiece of the display, featuring more than a dozen different-colored tiles in different shapes and sizes.

Click to view:  Vol.17, No.6 September 2020
Vol.17, No.6  5.53 MB

Lunada Bay Tile recently added a new color and two new patterns to its line of Haisen glass tiles. While this exquisite collection is reminiscent of the decorative bowls originally used to wash sake drinking cups during the late Edo to Meiji period in Japan, today "Haisen" recalls vessels that display flower petals floating in water. Lunada Bay Tile's distinctive Haisen tiles are handcrafted by melding streams of colored glass that drift and unite in a multitude of hues. The swirl and flow
of color create transformative moods ranging from quiet and meditative to warm celebration and camaraderie.

Click to view:  Vol.17, No.5 July / August 2020
Vol.17, No.5  8.65 MB

Color is the star of Hub, the porcelain tile collection from Naxos for contemporary interior design. Ceramic surfaces in vivid, sometimes bold colors that interpret the latest trends in interior design and architecture, where linear graphics, the use of clean often asymmetrical patterns and stylized florals are distinctive elements. Hub's intensely decorative mood lends itself to the creation of striking walls, and is enhanced by the material contrasts and special satin surfaces with pearl-like or "sugared" terrazzo effects. The Hub palette ranges from cold shades to warm colors.

June 2020
Vol.17, No.4  8.19 MB

ON THE COVER: Ege Seramik's new Verona collection offers a high-gloss wall tile featuring an incredibly unique "wavy surface." The 4- x 12-inch subway tiles reflect beautifully and will never looks the same from any two angles. They are available in four colors -- White, Anthracite, Turquoise and Taupe -- and are ideal for modern kitchens or contemporary bathrooms.

April / May 2020
Vol.17, No.3  13.63 MB

On the cover:
The South Atlantic coast of Africa is considered some of the most stunning desert terrain in the world. A trip to this surreal destination offers vistas of rippling dunes, flat clay pans and rocky outcrops, not to mention, endless
sky. This incredible landscape brings inspiration for the Namibia series by Lunada Bay Tile, a three-dimensional ceramic tile collection, which incorporates a special hand-sculpting technique to create tiles that are truly one-of-a-kind. Every tile is created by hand and no two tiles are the same. The undulating patterns come in four formats that engage a sense of adventure and rejuvenation -- like the discovery of a hidden oasis.

March 2020
Vol.17, No.2  10.18 MB

On the cover: Cerasarda introduces Mediterraneo Style, a project from Cabrioletstudio and Paolo Romani. Mediterraneo Style highlights the precious charm of glazed ceramics, including craquele effects and vitrified glazes, as well as the craftsmanship that goes into handmade products. There are more than 80 interior decorating proposals interpreting the Cerasarda collections. Sardinia, known for its hexagonal format, features an Azzurro Mare glaze, with a harmonious range of whites and blues, complemented by tonal decorations. The look obtained by mixing and matching colors is enchanting and original, ideal for any interior space.

January / February 2020
Vol.17, No.1  31.51 MB

On the cover:
Emilceramica extends the scope of Tele di Marmo with the addition of four variants inspired by four fresh looks of the material that is the icon of classical style, steeped in natural elegance and innate charisma. Tele di Marmo Revolution is the contemporary interpretation of marble now included in the Reloaded project, the aesthetic crucible of ideas linked to the work of great artists of all ages and geographical origins. In Revolution, an innovative approach to art is achieved through studying colour and design starting from the symbiosis of natural elements, with inspiration from the world's most amazing landscapes. Blue in all its thousand shades from azure to cobalt is the central theme of the Patagonia variant, referencing the beauty of the "marble cathedrals" on Lake Carrera between Argentina and Chile -- great caves carved by the water, with colors and reflected tints that change with the passing days and seasons.

November / December 2019
Vol.16, No.8  10.82 MB

On the cover:
The all-new Chapter 7, Cubist(TM) collection from Jeffrey Court, Inc. features more than 35 new product offerings. Commonly known for its use of two-dimensional parts that come together to create a larger perception of depth through the use of perspective, the new collection features 18 stone mosaics, three field tiles and corresponding finishing pieces. The natural stones available in this collection are honed and polished Thassos, Nero Marquina and Bardiglio marble, offered in a 2- x 4-inch mosaic called Abstract, a parquet-inspired mosaic called Avant, and an overlapping hexagon design named Carve. Matte silver and gold metal pieces are also present as accents to the honed Thassos mosaics. Also available in this new collection are glass mosaics and 1 7/8- x 9-inch field tiles in four colorways -- Ice, a clean white; Ash, a white with light gray tones; Clay, a unique blend of beige, cream and blue hues; and Cobalt, a rich blue shade with variation.

October 2019
Vol.16, No.7  12.24 MB

On the cover:

Panoramic Porcelain SurfacesTM by Daltile features porcelain that performs and design that delivers for your walls, floors and countertops. This collection offers breathtaking views, stunning visuals and seamless design with no boundaries. Heat-, stain- and scratch-resistant properties make it virtually maintenance-free. Panoramic Porcelain SurfacesTM increases the scale and style of porcelain tile on par with natural stone slab.

It's a whole new world for countertops and seamless floors and walls.

September 2019
Vol.16, No.6  14.81 MB

On the cover: One of the biggest movements in design today is a shift towards clean, contemporary interiors, and nothing brings this concept to life better than Tomei Modules by Lunada Bay Tile. The 11 hues can be used alone or can be combined to create a more dynamic arrangement. Each color is available in a natural (glossy) or silk (matte) finish. The collection comes in four sizes: 6 x 9, 6 x 12, 9 x 18 and 12 x 18 inches.

July / August 2019
Vol.16, No.5  16.77 MB

On the cover:
MSI's large-format 24- x 48-inch Praia porcelain tile collection and 16- x 32-inch Praia Crema Arterra porcelain pavers are perfect for giving your indoor and outdoor spaces a cohesive look. Featuring softly hued colors that complement nearly any decor, these pavers and tiles make a signature statement on floors, accent walls or any properties where a low-maintenance, easy-to-clean and durable material is needed.

June 2019
Vol.16, No.4  13.88 MB

On the Cover
Reflecting on its product line and long-established brand experience with state-of-the-art technology, Kalebodur introduced a new look into architectural designs and construction technologies with Kalesinterflex Turkey's thinnest, biggest and most flexible ceramic tile at 120 x 360 cm, with thickness varieties of 3 mm and 5 mm. Available in a vast range of colors and textures, Kalesinterflex allows for both the implementation of new ideas on facades and interiors. It is suitable for tables, TV set units and bathroom furniture, as well as kitchen counters and cupboard doors. Kalesinterflex also stands out with its resistance to fire and chemicals, easiness to clean and its antibacterial qualities.

April / May 2019
Vol.16, No.3  13.76 MB

On the cover: The Slabs for Design and Architecture are a special design solution offered by Mirage. The ultra-compact, large-format porcelain stoneware slabs are available in 65 different colors, 7 sizes, 4 thicknesses and 5 surfaces. The high-performance collection, which features a range of stone-, cement- and metal- inspired looks, offers unparalleled aesthetics.

March 2019
Vol.16, No.2  17.77 MB

On the cover: Reverie is an 8- x 8-inch porcelain tile collection from Arizona Tile that is offered in a variety of patterns and hues. Lending to the resurgence of vintage design, Reverie offers patterns reminiscent of years past. In spite of its aged appeal, Reverie pairs well with a variety of modern materials, creating installations that are both charming and unique.

January / February 2019
Vol.16, No.1  12.90 MB

On the cover:

Atlas Concorde's Boost collection embraces a classic concrete look, which is enriched with shiny, colorful inserts and a refreshing hexagonal mosaic format. The mosaic option is intended specifically for indoor wall applications, offering a chic metropolitan look to any space. Two base color options -- Tarmac and Smoke -- come in different combinations with three decor colors -- Black, Yellow and Jade. The mosaic format measures 9 7/8 x 11 1/4 inches.

November / December 2018
Vol.15, No.8  10.18 MB

On the cover:

A natural evolution from mosaics to large surface coverings, Sicis' in-house R&D and creative teams, through intensive research, have developed the large-format collection, Vetrite. Sicis Art Factory meticulously mixes technology and alchemy with artisanship in this collection, which finds a precise intuition, creating a truly avant-garde aesthetic. Glass, an intrinsic material in the DNA of Sicis, is revolutionized, whereby Sicis iconic fabrics are sandwiched with polymer film between large-format glass slabs. These unprecedented thin glass slabs are available up to 120 x 280 cm (47 x 71 inches), in either 6 or 12 mm thicknesses. Vetrite provides the freedom to think about cladding without any kind of constraints in style, and is suitable for an infinite range of applications, including furniture, countertops, doors and lighting.

October 2018
Vol.15, No.7  13.97 MB

On the cover:
Bedrosians' new three- dimensional ceramic wall tile collection, Hedron, is a 5- x 4-inch hexagon-shaped tile, with a design that plays with light and shadow to give walls visual depth and dimension. Hedron is offered in eight colors and three finishes: matte, glossy and metallic. The collection is made to mix-and-match the colors, finishes and patterns to create unique wallscapes. Strategically placed lighting of the wall will add impact and help define all of the angles and shadows of the tile's peaks and valleys.

September 2018
Vol.15, No.6  15.47 MB

On the cover:
The Mondrian Doha is a new 24-story skyscraper in Doha, Qatar, which contains apartments and a luxury hotel with 270 rooms and suites. It was designed by Marcel Wanders, a leading product and interior design studio based in Amsterdam, and features various ceramic decorations by Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti of the Iris Ceramica Group.

July / August 2018
Vol.15, No.5  16.20 MB

Confirming the commitment of the Marca Corona line 1741 for experimentation, this concrete-effect collection, Chalk, combines delicate tones with bold shapes. It explores all of the cold and chalky nuances, while relying on its rhomboidal format. Chalk is completed by 7 1/2- x 30-cm bricks, which recall the look and feel of unplastered and re-painted stone walls, and the classical 20- x 20-cm tile. The four gray-toned backgrounds available – White, Silver, Grey and Dark – recall the irregularities of concrete and characterize the 38 geometric patterns offered.

June 2018
Vol.15, No.4  15.79 MB

On the cover:
Soft creamy tones swirl together in harmony in Praia Crema Arterra Porcelain Pavers from M S International, Inc. (MSI). Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, install these tiles to create stunning floors throughout residential
and commercial properties where a low maintenance, easy-to-clean and durable material is needed. Two colors are offered – Crema and Grey.

April / May 2018
Vol.15, No.3  14.52 MB

On The Cover:
Inspired by nature, Chalkwood by Aparici is a high-contrast, rectified porcelain tile offered in white, brown and vestige (multi-colored) finishes. Made up of 49% recycled material, this floor and wall tile series offers a unique, retro-inspired twist to the wood-look trend. The frost-resistant tiles are offered in a 24 3/4- x 99.55-cm plank format, with a complementary 29 3/4- x 29 3/4-cm mosaic, and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

March 2018
Vol.15, No.2  13.72 MB

On The Cover:
Create your own work of art with Quartetto from Daltile. The look of handmade, encaustic tile in an 8- x 8-inch porcelain offers eight selections of decorative patterns in both warm and cool palettes, giving the design freedom to make a space your own. Repeat a single decorative tile for a uniform pattern design or group multiple patterns with any of the eight solid colors to create unique combinations. Quartetto delivers flawless design options so you can decide just how much drama you want in your space.

January / February 2018
Vol.15, No.1  13.36 MB

On The Cover:
The Bera & Beren collection from Walker Zanger offers a complete solution for porcelain flooring that pairs perfectly with textured ceramic Bera & Beren wall tiles. Available in natural and structured finishes, in both standard and large sizes across a range of neutral colors, the collection mimics fine-grain Portuguese and Spanish limestone and features subtle variation.

November / December 2017
Vol.14, No.6  10.80 MB

On The Cover:
Featured on the Gold Book cover is Kora by Unica of the Target Group. The luxurious collection draws inspiration from informal art and abstraction. Pure and sumptuous decoration that manifests itself through the overlapping of glass and enamels that give depth to the surface. The use of gold exaggerates the small square elements that form the mosaic macro mounted on a net with 7 cm tiles. Applicable only on walls, Kora is available in three colors: Cream, Pitch and Ocean

September / October 2017
Vol.14, No.5  10.27 MB

On The Cover:
Mediterranea's design team has reimagined the intersection of wood and cement graphics in a new porcelain tile series, Provincial. Offered in a 12- x 48-inch size the Provincial series utilizes the latest inkjet design technology to make the "Old World" come to life again. The fusion of wood and cement perfectly emulates historic bridges, side streets and alleyways in the charming villages that dot Europe. To view more new tile collections, turn to the Product Showcase beginning on page 12.

July / August 2017
Vol.14, No.4  14.99 MB

On The Cover:
Tile trends are constantly evolving. Beginning on page 30 of this issue, a feature on tile trends details what is currently occurring in the industry and what professionals expect to see in the future. Neutral designs, which generally incorporate classic black-and-white combinations, have always dominated tile use, according to Rita Carson Guest, president and director of design at Carson Guest in Atlanta, GA. Learn more about other trends and what to expect in the upcoming years from various professionals in this issue's trend report. Photo courtesy of Rita Carson Guest.

May / June 2017
Vol.14, No.3  11.47 MB

On The Cover:
The Artisan Glass collection by Hastings Tile & Bath is just one of many new product introductions featured in the Product Showcase beginning on page 16 of this issue of TILE. Crafted entirely of glass, the product line is comprised of countertops, framed mirrors, towel warmers, wall and shower panels, basins, floor tile and mosaics. Learn more about the collection, as well as other new tile or tile-related innovations, in the product roundup.

March / April 2017
Vol.14, No.2  14.23 MB

On the cover:

Decorative tiles from the Bondi collection by Aparici inspire creativity and bring a fresh light vibe to any design. Learn more about other tile collections that were on display during Cevisama 2017 in the Product Gallery beginning on page 50.

January / February 2017
Vol.14, No.1  11.86 MB

On the cover:

For Cedit, artist Franco Guerzoni designed an expressive collection of porcelain tile based on the historic evolution of colors and materials, known as Archeologie. Using the surface of the tile as a starting point, Guerzoni relied on modern technology to design a visually complex collection of large-format wall tiles that act like a canvas for materials, creating a collage of overlapping textures and colors. More innovative tile products can be found in the Product Showcase, beginning on page 14.

November / December 2016
Vol.13, No.6  9.99 MB

On the cover: Featured on the Gold Book cover is Eden, a new white body tile collection by Ava Ceramica. The double-fired tiles, which are 11 1/2-mm-thick, are available in one standard format — 32.1 x 96.2 cm. The collection is offered in three different colors and four different graphics. The graphics — Neutral Colour, Isper, Plissè and Fleur — are complemented by three different colors — Fandango, Vaniglia and Bianco — which embrace a shiny finish that makes the collection particularly elegant. Eden is accompanied by a porcelain floor tile, which is offered in one standard size and available in all colors, as well as the neutral graphic.

September / October 2016
Vol.13, No.5  55.13 MB

On the cover:

Bluewave, a lively cocktail bar at OneOcean Club in Barcelona, Spain, features decorative handmade tiles from Ceramica Cumella. The colorful tiles emulate the look of scales on a Koi fish and were custom-made for this project. Design by El Equipo Creativo in Barcelona, Spain. Photo courtesy of (c)Adria Goula. Story begins on page 20.

July / August 2016
Vol.13, No.4  52.58 MB

On the cover:

Each year, tile collections continue to evolve. Advances in technology allow for a diverse range of textures, sizes and shapes. The Product Showcase on page 14 of this issue of TILE offers a glimpse at the many new introductions to the marketplace. Featured on the cover is Nemo Tile's latest porcelain series, Chalk -- a unique line with art deco patterns and solid-colored tiles that can be mixed and matched with ease.

May / June 2016
Vol.13, No.3  36.25 MB

On the cover: For a remodel of a master bath in
a home in Davie, FL, a mix of glass mosaics and porcelain tile created a chic contemporary feel. The design included 12- x 24-inch porcelain oor and wall tiles accented by 2- x 2-inch Santa Vincent Brick Glass & Metal Mosaic tiles, which shine as
a distinct accent on the vanity backsplashes, mini shelves around the tub, shower wall and shower niche. The small, yet luminescent tiles incorporate shades of orange, brown and gray, and have unique striations running through each individual square. To read more about the master bath transformation, turn to the story beginning on page 20. Design by Alena Capra Designs, LLC of Fort Lauderdale, FL.

March / April 2016
Vol.13, No.2  46.57 MB

On the cover: Tile manufacturers have ramped it up, and as a result, tile collections resembling natural material are looking more authentic than ever. Thin porcelain tile has also hit the top of the popularity scale. The Stile thin porcelain tile series from M S International is an example of how porcelain tile can replicate the aesthetic of marble so well. With its minimal thickness, the product line is ideal for oor and wall applications. To view more new product introductions, turn to the TISE West 2016 product offerings beginning on page 48 of this issue.

January / February 2016
Vol.13, No.1  46.52 MB

On the cover:

Distressed tile nishes continue to grow in popularity. Whether the preference is for a wood, stone or cement look, there is a product to satisfy every design request.
M S International, Inc.'s Salvage collection, which authentically reproduces the grain, texture and color of reclaimed wood, is only one example of the numerous collections available today. The 6- x 40-inch non-recti ed porcelain tiles mirror the length of traditional wood planks, providing countless installation options. Learn more about the latest distressed nishes in the Trend Report, beginning on page 28 in this issue of TILE.

November / December 2015
Vol.12, No.6  35.15 MB

On the cover:

Featured on the Gold Book cover is Shades, a new porcelain tile collection by Imola that draws inspiration from the Mediterranean light, colors and sensations that only nature can evoke. Available in a range of nine colors, the chromatic vibrations of Shades become veritable explosions of colors where the solar hues of beige, yellow, orange and red mix with the marine colors of white, aquamarine, blue, light blue and teal to achieve bright, intense and energetic surfaces. The traditional ceramic colors and glazes have been reinterpreted with a contemporary approach, which makes Shades an extremely striking collection that is recommended for wall use indoors.

September / October 2015
Vol.12, No.5  32.21 MB

On the cover:

Cersaie, scheduled from September 28 to October 2, 2015, at the Bologna Exhibition Center in Bologna, Italy, will be a showcase of numerous new product introductions. From the increasingly popular wood-look tile collections to tile that resembles stone and concrete, these new products are making bold statements in today's designs. The Limestone collection by Italian manufacturer Ergon will be one among many of the latest innovations on display. To get a glimpse of more new product lines that will be exhibited at Cersaie, turn to page 42.

July / August 2015
Vol.12, No.4  35.18 MB

On the cover:

The design objective for a residence in Manhattan Beach, CA, was to create a contemporary, California, coastal look with an assortment of tile and stone. For the kitchen backsplash, 2- x 6-inch glass tiles from Lunada Bay Tile's Tozen collection in the shade of "Erbium Natural" were employed. To read more about the residential design, turn to page 30 of this issue of TILE.

May / June 2015
Vol.12, No.3  18.93 MB

On the cover:
The Rewind collection by Ragno provides a contemporary reinterpretation of timeless materials. The inclusion in the range of a hexagonal tile size, allows the creation of design schemes with a unique personality. This collection is one of many tile, installation and maintenance product lines, which are showcased in the Coverings Product Round-up beginning on page 42.

March / April 2015
Vol.12, No.2  27.35 MB

On the cover: Vives Cerámica’s new porcelain tile series, World Woods, represents six different wood species and designs from around the world, embracing the popular wood-look trend. Each design has a different color, style and unique textural finish. All tiles measure 20 x 120 cm, and one style is available in a 60 x 60 cm size. To view more new tile introductions, turn to the Cevisama Product Gallery on page 51.

January / February 2015
Vol.12, No.1  23.41 MB

On the cover: The floor of this living space features tile from the Urban Posh by Ragno USA. Available in a 12- x 24-inch plank format, the tile integrates the look of linen with the strength and durability of robust glazed porcelain. The walls are clad in 2- x 2-inch mosaics, mesh-mounted in 12- x 12-inch modules. Learn about more new tile and installation products in the Product Showcase, which begins on page 14

November / December 2014
Vol.11, No.6  31.30 MB

On the cover:

Featured on the Gold Book cover is the new PixALL Collection by Sicis. These unique glass mosaic tiles, applicable on both walls and floors, are inspired by computer graphics when viewed at close range -- replicating images of almost anything that can be imagined. Inspired by flowers, geometrics, animals and stripes, the PixALL Collection is available in a myriad of shades and sheens, including Augel Marigold (pictured), Dalia, Leopard and Replay.

September / October 2014
Vol.11, No.5  23.66 MB

On the cover:

With durability being a top priority in commercial tile applications, it is important to have a proper installation. With different size formats and thicknesses, many details need to be considered before installing the tile. Learn more about what is needed for a quality commercial installation in the Trend Report on commercial tile installation beginning on page 24.

July / August 2014
Vol.11, No.4  55.17 MB

Plaza of Americas renovation

High-definition inkjet printing

May / June 2014
Vol.11, No.3  29.06 MB

New product offerings

Stone tile installations

March / April 2014
Vol.11, No.2  46.38 MB

Considerations for large thin porcelain
Liquid applied and sheet membranes

January/February 2014
Vol.11, No.1  36.83 MB

Innovations in glass
New sizes and thicknesses

November/December 2013
Vol.10, No.6  36.47 MB

Gold Book
2014 Tile Industry Resource Guide

September/October 2013
Vol.10, No.5  46.43 MB

Cersaie Product Preview
Kitchen and Bath Trends
New Grout Introductions

July/August 2013
Vol.10, No.4  37.66 MB

New Products at Coverings
Installing in Wet Areas

May/June 2013
Vol.10, No.3  35.91 MB

Textured Tile Surfaces
Barrier-Free Bathrooms

March/April 2013
Vol.10, No.2  66.50 MB

Vertical Tile Installations
Products Unveiled in Las Vegas and Spain

January/February 2013
Vol.10, No.1  37.50 MB

Glass tile installations
Wood-and Stone-look Tile
New Mortar Standard