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FCI is the only trade publication entirely dedicated to the complete spectrum of flooring installation. FCI serves flooring installers, installation managers, contractors and the distributor network, providing focused, installation-related information on all types of flooring including carpet, ceramic and stone, hardwood, resilient and laminate, as well as the problems that may arise (such as moisture-related issues) and how to solve them. Serving both the residential and commercial markets, we offer instructional education through our how-to articles, best business practices columns and features on tools, techniques and the latest products. We also offer a full range of industry-specific videos, podcasts and webinars to keep our audience up to date and ahead of the curve.

Click to view:  Vol.28, No.1 January / February 2021
Vol.28, No.1  11.06 MB

On the cover:
When it comes to commercial retail installations, there's a big push for haste, says Eduardo Martinez, owner of Fort Worth, Texas-based Martinez Commercial Flooring Services. In this month's reader-submitted cover photo, the Martinez Commercial Flooring Services' installation team shows just how quickly they moved to clear out their workspace and get started on the install, working within a tight window of when the store closed at 10 p.m. to when it was set to reopen the next morning at 8 a.m. "Forty- nine minutes after closing, we had already cleared out everything," said Martinez. The goal? To be so quick, you make it seem like you were never there, he says.

Click to view:  Vol.27, No.9 November / December 2020
Vol.27, No.9  11.93 MB

On the cover: The seventh edition of the FCI Installation Awards proves that the flooring installation industry is still booming with talent. P. 22

Click to view:  Vol.27, No.8 October 2020
Vol.27, No.8  7.71 MB

On the cover: Flooring contractors and industry organizations like INSTALL are investing in the future of hard surfaces. Read more on page 25.

Click to view:  Vol.27, No.7 September 2020
Vol.27, No.7  8.91 MB

On the cover:
Laticretess Strata_Heat electric radiant floor heating system utilizes Thermal Diffusion Technology to distribute heat through the adhesive to eliminate cold spots and quickly achieve the desired floor temperature. Read more about advances in radiant heating systems on page 22.

July / August 2020
Vol.27, No.6  7.06 MB

On the cover: CustomTech remediated moisture and controlled floor flatness at a new hospital. Read more about this fast-track health care project on page 28.

June 2020
Vol.27, No.5  7.60 MB

On the cover: The curbless shower trend has grown due to its unique and appealing design aesthetic. Read more about the design and installation possibilities on page 22.

May 2020
Vol.27, No.4  7.44 MB

On the cover: Once considered a niche product, gauged porcelain tile is now a popular choice. Custom's Will White walks us through a brief history of the product on page 26.

April 2020
Vol.27, No.3  8.43 MB

On the cover: Through training, INSTALL is committed to raising the bar in silica awareness by reducing risk on job sites. Read more about the importance of the floorcovering industry complying with the Occupational Safety and Health Act's (OSHA) Silica Standard, and taking steps to curb silica dust exposure for men and women in the field on page 30.

March 2020
Vol.27, No.2  7.38 MB

On the cover: From installers to project managers and business owners, women bring
a unique perspective and skillset to the jobsite. Read more about the efforts being made to attract more women to the industry on page 24.

January / February 2020
Vol.27, No.1  14.13 MB

On the cover: Daltile's revolutionary floating floor system, RevoTile, installs in just three easy steps. Read more about this and other new products you can expect to see at TISE on page 18.

November / December 2019
Vol.26, No.9  14.77 MB

On the cover: Ardex MRF moisture-resistant finish is a rapid-drying, skimcoat patching underlayment suitable for use under moisture control systems, moisture-resistant adhesives and flooring. See more moisture-resistant products on page 22

October 2019
Vol.26, No.8  12.67 MB

On the cover: As polished concrete continues to trend and rise in prominence, flooring contractors and installers must understand the do's and don'ts of this tricky medium. Photo courtesy of INSTALL.

September 2019
Vol.26, No.7  21.25 MB

On the cover: Spreading on Chapco 778 TrowelFast Vinyl Flooring Adhesive. Designed for the installation of vinyl tile and plank, VCT and solid vinyl sheet goods, TrowelFast dries quickly, offers excellent resistance to moisture and alkalinity, and is easy to clean up, according to the company. Photo courtesy of Chapco.

July / August 2019
Vol.26, No.6  11.88 MB

On the cover: Working with Bona R880, a silane-based construction adhesive designed for setting vertical surfaces. Photo courtesy of Bona.

June 2019
Vol.26, No.5  16.36 MB

On the cover: Rolling out Custom Building Products' RedGard SpeedCoat liquid-applied waterproofing barrier over the company's SpeedSlope Rapid Setting Sloping Mortar.
Photo courtesy of Custom Building Products.

May 2019
Vol.26, No.4  10.22 MB

On the cover: Pictured
is the winner of our 2018 FCI Installation Award in Commercial Tile & Stone: Drostle Public Arts and their installation of 19 hand- cut mosaics at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford in Palo Alto, Calif. Products used in the installation include Laticrete NXT Level underlayment, 254 Platinum mortar and Permacolor Select grout. Photo courtesy of Laticrete.

April 2019
Vol.26, No.3  10.82 MB

On the cover: Applying MAPEI Flexcolor CQ grout, a ready-to-use grout that does not release silica into the air since it's premixed, according to the company. Photo courtesy of MAPEI.

March 2019
Vol.26, No.2  24.19 MB

On the cover: Pouring out self-leveling underlayment on a multi-family residential project in the Midwest.
Photo courtesy of USG

January / February 2019
Vol.26, No.1  12.46 MB

On the cover: Installing Metroflor's rigid core flooring Engage Genesis, which features Isocore technology. Photo courtesy of Metroflor.

November / December 2018
Vol.25, No.9  14.81 MB

On the cover: INSTALL's training curriculum features comprehensive information on installing carpet, from what tools are needed to how the product is manufactured. Photo courtesy of INSTALL.

October 2018
Vol.25, No.8  12.71 MB

On the cover:
Strata_Mat from Laticrete is a high- performance uncoupling membrane which allows the installer to see the mortar coverage underneath the mat without needing to lift and verify. It also features Mortar Hydration Vents, creating a mechanical bond between the mat and mortar which allows it to cure faster, the company noted. Photo courtesy of Laticrete.

September 2018
Vol.25, No.7  12.59 MB

On the cover:
Installing WarmlyYours TempZone Floor Heating Cable with Prodeso Uncoupling Membrane. According to the company, the subfloor can be waterproofed with the help of a polyethylene fleece tape called ProBand, which is used along perimeter joints and long adjoining sheets of the membrane. Photo courtesy of WarmlyYours Radiant Heating.

July / August 2018
Vol.25, No.6  14.10 MB

On the cover:
Laying hardwood flooring into Pallmann P5, a solvent- and water-free, STP (silane terminated prepolymer) hybrid adhesive engineered to combine the flexibility of a polyurethane with the advantages of modern MS (modified silane) technology. Photo courtesy of Uzin Utz North America.

June 2018
Vol.25, No.5  16.72 MB

On the cover:
Custom Building Products recently enhanced its Fusion Pro Single Component Grout, making it easier to spread and clean as well as improving its performance in wet areas, according to the company.
Photo courtesy of Custom Building Products

May 2018
Vol.25, No.4  16.34 MB

On the cover:

Applying MAPEI's Mapesonic 2, a lightweight, load-bearing peel-and-stick sound reduction and crack isolation membrane. Photo courtesy of MAPEI.

April 2018
Vol.25, No.3  14.66 MB

On the cover:

Spreading on TechPrime A, an advanced acrylic primer and sealer that prepares surfaces for the application of a CustomTech self-leveling underlayment.

Photo courtesy of Custom Building Products

March 2018
Vol.25, No.2  13.36 MB

On the cover:

Bernie Romero, West Coast technical sales representative, demonstrates one of Rubi Tools' latest tile cutters during TISE 2018 in Las Vegas.

January / February 2018
Vol.25, No.1  11.76 MB

On the cover:

If all factors are taken into consideration and the proper methods are utilized, a successful lippage control installation is the result. Photo courtesy of Ardex.

November / December 2017
Vol.24, No.9  16.04 MB

On the cover:

Flooring contractors inspect a dry substrate covered by Scho?nox EPA in a project at Penn State University. Photo courtesy of Schonox HPS North America.

October 2017
Vol.24, No.8  9.98 MB

On the cover:

Pouring Schonox ZM Rapid, a cement- based self-leveling compound suitable on cement and gypsum based substrates, and ready for floor covering installation in as little as 90 minutes according to the company. Photo courtesy of Schonox HPS North America.

September 2017
Vol.24, No.7  23.14 MB

On the cover:

Pictured is Axminster (broadloom) carpet being installed with MAPEI's Ultrabond ECO 185 premium carpet adhesive at the Wilshire Grand Hotel in Los Angeles. Photo courtesy of MAPEI.

July / August 2017
Vol.24, No.6  15.30 MB

On the cover:

Working with a large-format tile mortar from Custom Building Products. The company offers a wide selection of dry-set modified mortars for large and heavy tile installation. Photo courtesy of Custom Building Products.

June 2017
Vol.24, No.5  50.11 MB

On the cover:

Rolling out a high-performance Acousti-Mat sound control mat from Maxxon, which will then be topped with gypsum concrete for permanent sound control capabilities. Photo courtesy of Maxxon.

May 2017
Vol.24, No.4  28.73 MB

On the cover:

Applying MAPEI's Ultracolor Plus FA grout. The ne aggregate, fast-setting, polymer-modi ed, color- consistent and ef orescence- free grout is engineered to replace both sanded and unsanded grouts for joint widths from 1/16" to 3/4", according to the company. Photo courtesy of MAPEI.

April 2017
Vol.24, No.3  11.70 MB

On the cover:

Pictured is Delmhorst's TechScan Pinless Moisture Meter used to find moisture in a concrete subfloor. According to the company, "TechScan pinless moisture meters make it easy to find moisture hot spots and narrow down areas affected by moisture." Photo courtesy of Delmhorst.

March 2017
Vol.24, No.2  14.53 MB

On the cover:

Installing self-leveling underlayment is not a dif cult process as long as industry guidelines and manufacturer instructions are followed. Photo courtesy of UFloor Systems/Uzin.

January / February 2017
Vol.24, No.1  41.64 MB

On the cover:

A contractor seals concrete control joints with polyurea joint filler. Photo courtesy of VersaFlex

November / December 2016
Vol.23, No.8  15.13 MB

On the cover:

Maxxon MVP (Moisture Vapor Protection) is a two-component, moisture- tolerant, high-density, chemically enhanced epoxy product which prevents the passage of water vapor and moisture through concrete floors and walls on or below grade, the company says. Photo courtesy of Maxxon.

October 2016
Vol.23, No.7  40.26 MB

On the cover:

Installers working with the Laticrete Supercap system, which combines patented pump truck technology and self-leveling underlayment to deliver flat, dry floors. Photo courtesy of Mr. David's.

September 2016
Vol.23, No.6  49.71 MB

On the cover:

Nuheat underfloor radiant heating is prepped to receive floor covering. Photo courtesy of Pentair

July/August 2016
Vol.23, No.5  43.67 MB

On the cover:

Rolling on Wakol PU 280 Moisture Barrier, a premium moisture barrier for green concrete slabs that offers up to two levels of moisture protection. Photo courtesy of Loba-Wakol.

May/June 2016
Vol.23, No.4  59.58 MB

On the cover: Certified Tile Education Foundation (CTEF) offers its Certified Tile Installer (CTI) testing and certification during the recent Coverings 2016 show in Chicago.

April 2016
Vol.23, No.3  12.16 MB

On the cover: Engaging in sand and nish training during a hardwood ooring installation class led by the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA). Photo courtesy of the NWFA.

March 2016
Vol.23, No.2  37.95 MB

On the cover: A shot of Bona adhesive being applied. See our in-depth conversation with adhesive and mortar manufacturers beginning on page 32.

January / February 2016
Vol.23, No.1  24.46 MB

On the cover:

Carefully laying vinyl plank into MAPEI's Ultrabond ECO 360 Premium High-Performance Adhesive for Solid Vinyl Sheet, Tile and Plank.

November / December 2015
Vol.22, No.7  43.51 MB

On the cover:

Commercial carpet installed in an airport, in a photo courtesy of the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI). The organization recently announced updates to its 104/105 carpet installation standards. See full story on page 44.

October 2015
Vol.22, No.6  39.05 MB

On the cover:

An installation of Loxcreen's ProVa Flex uncoupling membrane for ceramic and natural stone tiles, which is designed to protect against substrate cracks, stress and dampness. Tile can be laid immediately after the membrane is installed, according to the company.

September 2015
Vol.22, No.5  65.60 MB

On the cover:

Spreading Custom Building Products' LevelQuik RS Self-Leveling Underlayment. Photo courtesy of Brad Anderson.

July / August 2015
Vol.22, No.4  32.72 MB

On the cover:

An installation of Metroflor luxury vinyl plank. The product is installed via the Uniclic system. Photo courtesy of Metroflor.

May / June 2015
Vol.22, No.3  22.22 MB

On the cover:

A student practices installing a wood floor during NWFA's Principles of Wood Floor course. This entry level class looks at the installation, and sand and finish process. Photo courtesy of NWFA

March / April 2015
Vol.22, No.2  34.12 MB

On the cover:
Laticrete materials including 254 Platinum thin set and PermaColor grout are used in an installation of Daltile SlimLite 1/8" thick porcelain panels at Hilton Times Square in New York City.

January / February 2015
Vol.22, No.1  39.63 MB

On the cover:

An application of Tec's The LiquiDam penetrating vapor moisture barrier. Formulated to be applied in a single coat, the product can be used on damp or new concrete as little as 48 hours old (up to 100% RH), according to the company.

December 2014
Vol.21, No.7  33.57 MB

On the cover: Custom Building Products' RedGard

is a crack prevention and waterproofing membrane for both residential and commercial tile and stone applications. The product can be applied with a roller, trowel or airless sprayer, the company noted.

October / November 2014
Vol.21, No.6  36.86 MB


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Vol.21, No.4  24.88 MB

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May / June 2014
Vol.21, No.3  41.18 MB

Industry Q&A: CFI, Fishman Flooring Solutions
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March / April 2014
Vol.21, No.2  25.09 MB

Industry Q&A: Haines' Bruce Zwicker
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January/February 2014
Vol.21, No.1  19.39 MB

Radiant Floor Heating Installation Basics
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December 2013
Vol.20, No.7  37.97 MB

Applications and Settings for Adhesives and Mortars
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Industry Show Wrap-Ups

October/November 2013
Vol.20, No.6  42.61 MB

Choosing and Using Underlayments and Membranes
Installing Shower Systems: An Industry Roundtable
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August/September 2013
Vol.20, No.5  32.50 MB

Indoor Air Quality and Installation
Resilient Flooring Adhesives: Working With The Right Products
Concrete Moisture Emission Vapor Testing
Sound Control Primer

July 2013
Vol.20, No.4  20.81 MB

2013 Buying Guide

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Training and Certification: An Industry Roundtable
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May/June 2013
Vol.20, No.3  30.06 MB

Relative Humidity Testing for Concrete
Tips and Tricks: Installing Laminate in Wet Areas
New Apps for the Flooring Contractor
Plus: Interview with New WFCA CEO Scott Humphrey

March/April 2013
Vol.20, No.2  28.67 MB

Tool Time: Wood Flooring
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January/February 2013
Vol.20, No.1  34.10 MB

Moisture Problems and Solutions
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December 2012
Vol.19, No.7  36.42 MB

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August/September 2012
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Vol.19, No.4  29.45 MB

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May/June 2012
Vol.19, No.3  31.84 MB

The How-To Issue

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March/April 2012
Vol.19, No.2  31.91 MB

Environmental Requirements for Wood Flooring Installation
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January/February 2012
Vol.19, No.1  42.85 MB

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