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Click to view:  Vol.20, No.11 October 2020
Vol.20, No.11  28.94 MB

LATICRETE International Inc.
Gender has nothing on the curation of powerful unique mosaic designs

Click to view:  Vol.20, No.10 September 2020
Vol.20, No.10  23.83 MB

MAPEI's total solutions to luxury living in Honolulu

Click to view:  Vol.20, No.9 August 2020
Vol.20, No.9  15.90 MB

LATICRETE International, Inc.
Mayo-Underwood Building

Click to view:  Vol.20, No.8 July 2020
Vol.20, No.8  16.81 MB

Feature Story: Merkrete Systems:
Merkrete ensures style and sustainability in historic Washington, D.C. hotel

June 2020
Vol.20, No.7  14.85 MB

Feature Story: Custom Building Products:
CUSTOM quality and tile craftsmanship showcased with five-foot porcelain planks

May 2020
Vol.20, No.6  13.49 MB

Feature Story: Schluter Systems:
Creativity, craftsmanship, and a complete installation system lead to a stunning project
By Sean Gerolimatos, Director of Research and Development, Schluter Systems

Coverings 2020
Vol.20, No.5  15.52 MB

MAPEI products help volunteers beautify Washington hatchery with recycled glass mosaics

April 2020
Vol.20, No.4  14.56 MB

ON THE COVER: Merkrete Systems
Merkrete Systems provide installation products for new Doris Miller Memorial

March 2020
Vol.20, No.3  16.08 MB

Feature Story: LATICRETE International, Inc.
150-year-old Cathedral of the Holy Cross receives first-ever renovation

February 2020
Vol.20, No.2  15.95 MB

Feature Story: Bostik, Inc.
Fast-track tile installation helps drive customers into BMW dealerships
By Terri Sparks, Vice President, Communicators International

January 2020
Vol.20, No.1  23.26 MB

Feature Story
MAPEI Corporation
MAPEI makes a splash: MAPEI's tile and stone installation and waterproofing products are used in the Kartrite Resort and Indoor Waterpark

December 2019
Vol.19, No.13  15.65 MB

Feature Story
Element Dallas Downtown East location provides high-end hospitality experience with custom design aesthetics from Marazzi

November 2019
Vol.19, No.12  11.40 MB

Feature Story
Custom Building Products
Timeless natural stone showcases luxury retail with a full system from CUSTOM

October 2019
Vol.19, No.11  11.54 MB

LATICRETE International, Inc.
Beautifying New York City one mosaic panel at a time

September 2019
Vol.19, No.10  15.82 MB

Feature Story:
MAPEI Corporation:
Taking The Plunge with MAPEI solutions to resuscitate a historic swimming pool.

August 2019
Vol.19, No.9  9.95 MB

Feature Story
LATICRETE International, Inc.
Sky-high office building undergoes dramatic front lobby makeover

July 2019
Vol.19, No.8  10.10 MB

Feature Story:

Merkrete Systems:
Merkrete Systems provide installation protection to new Naples Fire-Rescue Station

June 2019
Vol.19, No.7  13.14 MB

On The Cover
Custom Building Products
Marble tile at historic Hearst Castle pool renovated with full system from CUSTOM

Ring avulsion, and how to avoid it
Perception vs. reality -- the truth behind PBM flooring claims

May 2019
Vol.19, No.6  11.57 MB

On The Cover:
Schluter Systems
Taos Ski Valley slopeside residences benefit from foam building panels

Coverings 2019
Vol.19, No.5  17.23 MB

On The Cover:
MAPEI Corporation
MAPEI goes to Yale School of Management
MAPEI gets straight As for crack isolation, large-format tile installation and waterproofing solutions

April 2019
Vol.19, No.4  10.16 MB

Feature Story:
Merkrete Systems provide installation innovation to Silicon Valley

It's hip to be at Santa Clara Square

March 2019
Vol.19, No.3  12.42 MB

Feature Story: LATICRETE International, Inc. Customized parking garage completes shopping center makeover

February 2019
Vol.19, No.2  11.99 MB

Feature Story: Slam-dunk Bosti-Set installation at University of Houston's Fertitta Center
By Ron Treister, Communicators International

January 2019
Vol.19, No.1  20.18 MB

MAPEI mortar brings life to National Shrine's mosaic dome in Washington, D.C.

Training and Education:
NTCA Regional Programs educate and inspire

Business Tip:
How to make and keep workplace New Year's resolutions

December 2018
Vol.18, No.13  11.25 MB

creates visually- immersive experience in North Dallas café

NTCA Review/Forecast:
Looking back, looking ahead

Business Tip:
Bonds and the construction process

November 2018
Vol.18, No.12  13.00 MB

Custom Building Products Atlanta Falcons' Mercedes-Benz Stadium earns LEED Platinum with help from CUSTOM Tile Installation Systems

Technical Feature:
Multifunctional foam building panels offer a myriad of advantages to the tile setter

Lack of weep holes, uncollapsed mortar ridges may cause stone darkening in showers

October 2018
Vol.18, No.11  21.80 MB

LATICRETE International Inc. "Swimmin' with the Fishes" at Hacienda Mosaico

Women in Tile 2018

Business Feature:
Is there an information toxic dump in your office?

Technical Feature:
A realistic look at mortar coverage

Coverings 2018
Vol.18, No.10  12.66 MB

Feature Story:
MAPEI Corporation
A Tour of Atlanta
A full slate of MAPEI products make these hot new residential and commercial projects shine in this Coverings host city.

September 2018
Vol.18, No.9  10.85 MB

Feature Story:
MAPEI Corporation
MAPEI helps restore and repair historic Hugh L. Carey/Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel in New York City

August 2018
Vol.18, No.8  10.08 MB

Feature Story:
LATICRETE International Inc.
Lasting art installations help transform new Northern California Children's Hospital

July 2018
Vol.18, No.7  11.91 MB

Feature Story:
Merkrete system ensures unparalleled luxury with an unmatched setting

June 2018
Vol.18, No.6  11.89 MB

Feature Story:
Custom Building Products
CUSTOM System selected for tile and stone in Orange County's two tallest towers

May 2018
Vol.18, No.5  10.58 MB

Feature Story:
Tile brings warmth and quiet to oceanfront condominium
By Sean Gerolimatos, Director of Research & Development, Schluter Systems, LLP

April 2018
Vol.18, No.4  11.05 MB

Feature Story:
All the world's a stage
Merkrete system ensures style and versatility at Shakespeare Theatre

March 2018
Vol.18, No.3  10.51 MB

Feature Story:
LATICRETE International, Inc.
Texas Motor Speedway boasts first-of-its-kind concrete coatings
LATICRETE SPARTACOTE™ brings a professional polish to NASCAR® track

February 2018
Vol.18, No.2  11.38 MB

Feature Story:
70-year-old Flamingo hits the jackpot with Bostik
ForrestPerkins' renovations keep true to the property's character and charisma

January 2018
Vol.18, No.1  17.05 MB

Feature Story:
MAPEI Corporation
An island beauty, created with the help of MAPEI
A total of 40 different MAPEI products allowed single-sourcing, peace of mind and a stunning project on Oahu

December 2017
Vol.17, No.12  11.18 MB

Feature Story:
Kingston Bay Senior Living Center uses Marazzi porcelains to create a comfortable, stimulating environment for residents

November 2017
Vol.17, No.11  12.99 MB

Feature Story
Custom Building Products, Inc.
CUSTOM tile installation sets standard of care at San Diego hospital

October 2017
Vol.17, No.10  12.52 MB

Feature Story
LATICRETE International, Inc.
The infamous Watergate Hotel gets a high-profile facelift

September 2017
Vol.17, No.9  13.47 MB

Feature Story:
MAPEI Corporation
Jerome L. Greene Neuroscience Center: building for scientific progress
MAPEI products used at award-winning project

August 2017
Vol.17, No.8  11.95 MB

Feature Story:
LATICRETE International. Inc.
Waiea Tower represents a new level of architectural sophistication

July 2017
Vol.17, No.7  12.03 MB

Feature Story:
Merkrete Systems
Merkrete ensures style and longevity in the lap of luxury

June 2017
Vol.17, No.6  50.36 MB

Feature Story:
CUSTOM Building Products

NHL Arena targets LEED Silver goal with a high scoring tile insulation system

May 2017
Vol.17, No.5  13.33 MB

Feature Story:
The evolution of the tile membrane
By Sean Gerolimatos, technical services manager, Schluter Systems, L.P.

April 2017
Vol.17, No.4  48.00 MB

Feature Story:
Merkrete products allow installers to adhere to fast-track schedule

March 2017
Vol.17, No.3  10.70 MB

Feature Story:
LATICRETE International, Inc. The Dean Smith Center wows with locker room renovation
Array of LATICRETE products installed by NTCA Five Star Contractor Neuse Tile Service expedites complex project

February 2017
Vol.17, No.2  25.53 MB

Feature Story:
Bostik Inc. World-class ski resort opts for world-class mosaic design
By Ron Treister,
president/owner of Communicators International, Inc.

Photography by Chris Detrick

January 2017
Vol.17, No.1  13.44 MB

Feature Story:
MAPEI Corporation Forestry education center meets Living Building Challenge

December 2016
Vol.16, No.12  14.10 MB

Feature Story:
Daltile creates a futuristic space for guests at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

November 2016
Vol.16, No.11  18.48 MB

Feature Story:
+Custom Building Products
+The Shops at South Town
CUSTOM's Fusion Pro Grout is selected to guard against stains from eight million shopping center visitors

October 2016
Vol.16, No.10  47.80 MB

Feature Story:
LATICRETE International, Inc.

Crossroads Business Park

Temperature fluctuations, large-format stone tile and high elevations pose a challenge

By Art Mintiest, CSI, CDI, LATICRETE senior technical services director

September 2016
Vol.16, No.9  55.92 MB

Feature Story:
MAPEI Corporation
San Francisco's Hotel Grace

Old hotel gets trendy new look with MAPEI ShowerPerfect

August 2016
Vol.16, No.8  53.02 MB

Feature Story:
LATICRETE International, Inc.

Achieving LEED Gold in Chicago

By Arthur Mintie CSI, CDT, LATICRETE senior technical services director

July 2016
Vol.16, No.7  12.31 MB

Feature Story:
Merkrete Systems
The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace receive fountain of creativity

June 2016
Vol.16, No.6  23.59 MB

Feature Story:
Custom Building Products
Renovations at The Club Ibis
West Palm Beach get CUSTOM system benefits
Legendary country club masters stain protection with Fusion Pro Grout

May 2016
Vol.16, No.5  32.34 MB

Feature Story:
Schluter Systems

Don't get cold feet with today's floor heating systems

By Sean Gerolimatos, technical director, Schluter Systems

April 2016
Vol.16, No.4  31.97 MB

Feature Story:
Merkrete Systems
Loma Linda University Health Medical Office Building completion
Merkrete products support over 45,000 sq. ft. of tile and stone

March 2016
Vol.16, No.3  34.91 MB

Feature Story:
LATICRETE International, Inc.

An Olympic-sized job at Penn State's McCoy Natatorium
By Art Mintie, CSI, CDT LATICRETE International, Inc.

February 2016
Vol.16, No.2  35.73 MB

Feature Story:
Bostik, Inc.

Mosaics and robots
Boston-based companies Artaic and Bostik partner to produce stunning works of art in tile
by Ron Treister, Communications International

January 2016
Vol.16, No.1  34.55 MB

Feature Story:
MAPEI Corporation
Tile communicates strength and beauty at CenturyLink Technology Center of Excellence in Monroe, LA