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Acierno & Company has years of experience in commercial and residential installations across multiple markets. Our clients include owners, property managers, architects, designers, and general contractors.


Your workplace represents your company to your clients and employees alike. Make certain you are sending the right message.

Whether an open office, high tech, traditional office, company headquarters, or a government office space Acierno & Company has set the standard for office flooring installation.

Our project managers are fully capable of assisting our clients in the planning and design process. Acierno & Company delivers completed projects on time, on budget, with service and integrity.


Developing communities of knowledge, enrichment and academic growth is a core specialty.

Acierno & Company’s experience and expertise include K-12 to community colleges, liberal arts institutions to research universities, business and medical schools. We understand these projects will have a tight window for completion, and we are dedicated to help each institution accomplish its academic goals, and maintain a thriving, learning environment. Year after year, we approach our education projects with the commitment that school spaces will be ready for students on day-one no matter what. This vision for the delivery of our education projects has cemented us as a known performer in this market for years.


The hospitality environment is designed to be welcoming and exciting to the visitor.

Intricate patterns and coordinating design combine shapes, scale, and colors to create a cohesive appearance throughout common areas, identify specific activity zones and mitigate the appearance of routine traffic patterns.

Knowing the right way to complete this type of installation requires specific skill. Acierno & Company has the expertise and experience completing projects in hotels, restaurants, and convention centers.


A space that incorporates a health care environment is an inherently complex project, whether is a hospital, a clinic, or a basic medical office.

Acierno & Company understands the requirements of flooring in a dedicated healthcare facility. The floor has to endure heavy foot traffic and heavy, rolling equipment, while remaining soft underfoot for workers while on the job.

We balance the factors of functional efficiency, image future flexibility, and of course budget that a healthcare facility requires to be successful for operators and patients alike.

We complete environments that complement and enhance healthcare spaces while providing compassionate care.


Government buildings have a wide array of uses ranging from customer service areas to office space with a lot of particulars in between.

Acierno & Company works closely with local, state, and federal government agencies to ensure our team not only understands the unique environment we are working from a product stand point, but also any security and special requirements a project may have.  Our experienced team will help decide the perfect flooring fit for any project.


Multi-family housing isn’t just for living, so there isn’t just one type of flooring.

Multi-family housing tends to have public areas like lobbies, gyms, busy hallways, and of course, the residences. Each one of those spaces is going to require a different type of flooring to not only be acceptable to the residents, but also to afford the flooring an effective life-cycle. Sports flooring, stone, ceramic and porcelain tile, hardwood, luxury vinyl tile, carpet, Acierno & Company has the experience to properly install them all.


Mixed-Use buildings by definition aren’t just for one use, so there isn’t just going to be one type of flooring in any of them.

Mixed-Use buildings house all types of spaces including residential, retail, office, and hospitality to name just a few. Each one of those spaces is going to require a different type of flooring that is market appropriate, esthetically pleasing, and cost effective. They tend to be amenity rich and pedestrian friendly, and range from low income projects to luxury high rise buildings. It takes a unique flooring contractor that understands the differences and commonalities between each project, and Acierno & Company does.

Senior Living

A living space that incorporates a health care environment is a space that requires multiple flooring types to balance aesthetics with functionality.

Acierno & Company works to complete environments that complement and enhance living spaces while providing compassionate care. Our project managers understand how to balance the factors of functional efficiency, image, future flexibility, and of course budget that an assisted living facility requires to be successful for its operators and residents alike.


Bespoke flooring solutions for the most discerning residences.

Your home should complement your lifestyle and reflect your personal taste. Acierno & Company will apply a fresh perspective to your residence, whether it is modern or period, large or small. We will guide you through decisions, so you can feel confident about your investment in your completed project. Together we will build beautiful things.

Our commitment to you is based on our belief in maintaining the highest professional standards possible.
Our goal is to exceed your expectations.