Specialty Products


Eco-Grip is the most durable specialty commercial flooring on the market, and it has the chemistry to back it up. After years of research and extensive testing, Eco-Grip has engineered a state-of-the-art flooring formula that is transforming the industry. It combines short staple fiber and unique polyvinyl to create a flooring solution that will not fail.

Eco-Grip is designed for applications that require slip resistance and/or impervious to liquids, making it ideal for restaurant and commercial kitchens.  Eco-Grip is available in planks, tiles, and sheets and Acierno & Company will work with you to create and elegant solution that not only meets your safety requirements, but also your desired design aesthetic as well.

Protect-All Flooring

Protect-All Flooring is a slip-resistant vinyl flooring manufactured from over 90% pre-consumer recycled content that provides slip, stain and fire protection for areas exposed to water, heavy traffic patterns and extreme weight loads. Protect-All’s certified high-traction surface helps reduce slips and falls, and it is also resistant to mildew and other bacterial growth.

Protect-All Flooring is an ideal solution for applications ranging from veterinarian office to commercial kitchens, cafeterias, and gymnasiums.  Protect-All also offers a range of products for situations that do not have the high safety requirements Protect-All is designed for but demand the durability it is known for.

From traditional design to emerging trends we focus on effective solutions for today’s complex flooring requirements.